Client Relations

RB Associates values its relationships with clients and accepts assignments only when we have the required expertise, adequate time available and when the expected results will obviously justify the consulting fee. Scope of work, costs, timetables and expected results are discussed with the client prior to acceptance of the assignment. We encourage our clients to become involved in the assignment in order to build work experience and reduce fees.

Independent Consultation

RB Associates is not a representative, distributor, or systems integrator for any hardware, software, service or equipment company. This independence provides for unbiased analysis and recommendations for our clients.

RB Associates may provide consulting or other services to software vendors and equipment manufacturers/suppliers on a fee for service basis. RB Associates collects no finder's fees or commissions relating to promoting, recommending, or reselling their products.


RB Associates maintains a high standard of professional conduct and confidentiality. RB Associates follows the code of ethics published by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba.