Here you will find the answers to Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ) about RB Associates, its services and web sites.

  1. What is Open Source Software?
    Open source software refers to computer software and the availability of its source code under an open source license to study, change, and improve its design. See Wikipedia for more information.
  2. Why does RB Associates talk about Open Source Software?
    Information Systems are the second "factory" in a business with fixed costs that are hard to reduce as more and more business processes are automated. Using Open Source software can reduce fixed costs for deploying and maintaining servers. Deployment costs for new information systems can be reduced by eliminating the per user "client access licenses" (CALS) associated with commercial software.
  3. Does RB Associates only use or recommend Open Source Software?
    We use a combination of "closed source" and open source software and have no preferences for software or software suppliers. Our work and recommendations focus on what information systems can do the job for each client, follow industry standards, and can be deployed and maintained at the lowest cost.