Consulting Rates

RB Associates is committed to controlling its costs in order to minimize client costs. To keep rates low, we use the Internet and open source software to minimize typical consulting business costs for information systems, large offices, advertising and marketing. We also assign people appropriate to the task.

Consulting Rate Schedule

In working with operations issues, managing the scope of work is difficult, so RB Associates keeps its rates simple. Fees are based on an hourly or daily rate. Rates are based on the lowest cost available people qualified to work on each task. Work for clients can often be done from an RB Associates office location using Internet communications to further minimize costs.

Travel and Other Costs

RB Associates works on a fees plus expenses basis. There are no administrative costs for preparation of travel expenses. RB Associates may bill other miscellaneous costs associated with completing work assignments or to maintain schedules.

Project Management

Occasionally RB Associates will take on management of small projects that require the subcontracting of work to other companies. RB Associates may charge fees to cover project administrative costs that can not be covered by hourly or daily rate fees.


RB Associates believes in regular progress reviews with each client. This provides an opportunity to review progress made against current costs and anticipated benefits. Our billing and payment terms reflect this regular review process.